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(ask) Novel or Science Book In Electronics

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    hi guys,

    have you ever read any science book which have stories involving electronics or semiconductor?
    i mean not a textbook,

    maybe similar to Brief History of time by Stephen Hawking or Elegant Universe by Brian Greene which is fun to read without advance knowledge in Physics

    do you have any recommendation, anyone?
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    Usually electronics is much easier than those said subjects and also involve less miraculous events. Thus nobody tried to sensationalize it the way advanced physics was.

    From my memories, I can remember three books which also include little stories beside the subject.
    the art and science of analog circuit design by jim williams
    analog circuit design art science and personalities by jim williams
    ic mask design essential layout techniques by christopher saint judy saint
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    thank you for your recommendation in Jim Williams, even though it's not what i'm looking but you are clearly understood what my point is

    i think it's because nobody could make it sensational about electric design.
    the history about how heat sensor are basically made from characteristic of a diode regarding temperature or how the past engineer using timer555 before micro controller era comes (cmiiw)
    it's really fascinate me.
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    You might be interested to hear about George A. Philbrick and his OPAMP research.

    also check out the list in "Philbrick Hall of Fame".
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