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Astro vs Chemistry for Physics Major

  1. Jan 24, 2015 #1
    Hi all. I'm a prospective physics major, hoping to either go into particle physics or condensed matter research or enter tech if research doesn't turn out to be for me. I was wondering which elective I should choose for next semester--astro 101 or Chemistry 1 or CS 1? Will chemistry help me with getting research opportunities? If I decide I like astrophysics, how much does taking astro really matter for graduate school? Should I get a minor in CS so I am more employable?

    I'm also possibly interested in material science so... (this is really random)
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    Honestly, taking a 100-level class in any of the both won't matter at all for graduate school or anything. If they are electives, their only purpose is for you to take them to see if you might possibly be interested in the topic. Read the syllabus or course description for each one, and sign up for the one that you find most interesting.
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