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Astrophysics: what are the typical career options

  1. Feb 28, 2016 #1

    In order to not let my hobby define my profession, I am trying to see what are the future career prospects for studying astrophysics. My academic track record so far is very good, and I also possess offers for engineering courses in highly ranked universities (Imperial College, Univ College London, Delft univ, Edinburgh Univ, ...). But astrophysics is my first interest.

    On the practical side, whereas life might seem a bit romantic and excellent at my age, I believe that once studies are over and one settles down to career, family, etc. the bottom lines are good standard of living and the ability to continue to do what one loves. Thus I am struggling to understand whether astrophysics career allows for a standard of living comparable to that of an engineer from a top univ? Also: any suggestions on the typical companies that are on the lookout of astrophysicists would help, or a typical starting salary, etc.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Teaching, business management, acting, mini-cabbing... work with "astrophysicist" in the job title would be an academic position at whatever academic rates are normal for the college. You can do quite well if you can get on the lecture circuit ... but these positions are kinda like winning the lottery. Astrophysics itself does not have a lot of direct commercial application ... pre science is like that - so companies do not usually put it on job descriptions. In the commercial sector you are going to have to use related skills. Used to be companies would hire anyone with a degree - not so much now.
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