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(Australian) Stuck in 2nd year Chemistry with low gpa :'(

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    Here's the deal,
    I got into Applied Sciences degree and now find myself going down a Chemistry major route and doing really badly at it. I cannot move to a Computer Science in my course so I have to transfer.
    So I can at least have grounds to be awarded a minor.
    In order to transfer to a degree in my uni (Australia) to a different one Monash and do Bachelor of Science, they say they prefer a Credit Average and I feel I am totally screwed now 1.5 years in. So far I have failed two courses.

    If I start from scratch in Computer Science I have to start all over again from scratch and risk my hecs limit, meaning I have to pay full fees. What can I do?
    HECS are University places subsidized by the Australian government.
    I want out!
    At the moment I can't travel, my skills are untransferrable or go on exchange overseas it just sucks.
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    Re: (Australian) Stuck in Chemistry with low gpa :'(

    Hey there goldennote and welcome to the forums.

    I live in Australia and I currently study and have a background in programming just so you know where I am coming from.

    If you can't transfer using your current results in your current degree, one course of action might be to go to a technical college (like TAFE) and getting a diploma in some part of IT. Using this as a bridge, if you get high enough marks in your diploma, I'm sure universities have methods of admission that allow you to use your diploma to gain entry, and maybe to get specified credit for certain courses.

    Granted, this is a longer way than the usual method of transferring, but apart from that I can't think of a way to get into a course like computer science.

    One other way that might work is if you try universities with lower entry requirements, get good marks in your first year and then transfer to somewhere like say Monash.

    I think out of the above suggestions, TAFE might be a good option, especially if you don't have much experience with IT, programming, or both. It should provide some hands on experience in which you can decide whether you want to stick it out and get a degree. Personally I got sick of programming 9-5 and went into mathematics but that's just me.

    Good luck!
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    Re: (Australian) Stuck in Chemistry with low gpa :'(

    Arrgh I can't switch to either of those majors!!!!!!
    Trouble is, I might as well just complete my current degree!
    My only post grad. choices are:
    -Anayltical Chemist! ( I don't want this job)
    -No visa eligbility.
    -Graduate Diploma in Arts $$$
    -Postgraduate Diploma in Science (Can't do Computer Science) $$$
    -Masters? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    I go to Diploma:
    No teaching eligibility
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    How many years have you been studying at university?
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