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Autocorrelation and pitch detection

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    I have heard that autocorrelation is used in pitch detection, but no proper or convincing explanation of how it is used. I had previously worked on echo removal using autocorrelation. But what puzzles me is that autocorrelation is done in time domain but how can this be used to detect fundamental frequency of some unknown source?
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    Go to www.google.com

    Type in "autocorrelation pitch detection", hit the "I am feeling lucky" button.
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    Floid: I had done that before. The input waveform is compared (autocorrelated) at different time intervals. I don't know whether this can be implemented in practice. I am interested to perform this in matlab. If you have time, then you can explain. Please don't give trivial replies. Thank you.
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    also try joining the music-dsp mailing list or posting to the comp.dsp newsgroup.

    also there is a book by Rabiner and Schafer Digital Processing of Speech Signals.

    now, do you know how to implement a summation in practice?
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