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A Axisymmetric radiative transfer

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    I'm currently working on thermal radiation modelling in my PhD studies, and one thing that's under work is a cylindrical symmetric thermal radiation solver code. The idea is to solve the thermal radiation field in an absorbing medium between concentric cylinders as an essentially 1D problem using the axisymmetry, so that you can use a smaller computational grid than when calculating an explicitly 2D field.

    The code we currently have could solve an axisymmetric problem in principle, but there seems to be some kind of a bug in it at the moment and it gives some strange results.

    Have any of you, by chance, seen any public domain codes that are meant to solve axisymmetric radiation fields for neutron radiation (in nuclear reactors), acoustic emission, or something else that obeys radiative transfer equations similar to those of thermal radiation? I guess neutron radiation fields behave pretty much similarly to photon radiation despite the finite half life of a neutron. Nuclear engineering is probably a field where there's little room for mistakes, so I think I could pretty confidently look at a neutron radiation code as an example of how to solve the cylindrical problem.

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