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Axle DesignIs there a common Method for this?

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    Okay, so I am trying to analyze the reaction forces that are induced by a loading on this axle.
    I am running into a problem because my sum of moments equation is not independent of my force summation.

    That was due to a poor choice of a point to sum the moments about :blushing: So I could do it again about another point, but before I do I was wondering. Is there already a common convention on how the loading will be distributed to the reaction forces on the "strut" in the diagram Fo and Fi?


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    Apparently this is statically indeterminate if I break the strut reaction into an inner and outer reaction.

    I suppose I will just treat it as one (that is probably sufficient).
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    The moment applied to the axle by each strut depends on the difference between Fo and Fi. This is an interesting case where any moment can be applied by the strut (infinite solutions), and it is undetectable in a summation of external moment, because the moments applied by the struts cancel out, due to symmetry, in a summation of external moment. Therefore, you would need to model the struts as part of the structure (statically indeterminate) to determine the moment they apply to the axle, which depends on the strut bending stiffness. If the struts apply zero moment to the axle (meaning they have zero bending stiffness), then that means Fi = Fo, or it could mean Fi = 0.
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