What is Axle: Definition and 100 Discussions

An axle or axletree is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear. On wheeled vehicles, the axle may be fixed to the wheels, rotating with them, or fixed to the vehicle, with the wheels rotating around the axle. In the former case, bearings or bushings are provided at the mounting points where the axle is supported. In the latter case, a bearing or bushing sits inside a central hole in the wheel to allow the wheel or gear to rotate around the axle. Sometimes, especially on bicycles, the latter type axle is referred to as a spindle.

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  1. B

    Maximize Performance: Benefits of Moving Rear Suspension Mounting Points Forward

    Hi , most rear suspension 4 link brackets mounted on the rear end housing are centered or slightly forward of the rear axle centerline . Why ? And what are the effects of moving the mounting points forward 2”,3”,4” forward ? Thanks for the help .
  2. Krismein

    Calculate deflection of rod/axlepipe due to distributed load

    Summary:: Calculate the deformation on a rod/axle/pipe due to a distributed load. I’m manually trying to calculate the deformation on a rod/axle/pipe due to a distributed load. The rod has an outer diameter of 62mm and an inner diameter of 50, is 170mm long, made from a material with an...
  3. thoain14

    Can You Power a Hex Axle Conveyor Roller Without a Chain and Sprocket?

    I am trying to power my conveyor roller but have a 7/16" hex axle. I have been trying to find a sprocket that has a hex bore and is able to handle a ANSI Standard Size 40 Roller Chain. Is there any other efficient way to power this other than chain and sprocket? Also, this sounds dumb, but I was...
  4. L

    Generating a back and forth movement of an axle

    Goal: To have an axle rotate back and forth from one position to the other. We have a motor rotating in one direction How so solve this in a smart/simple way? I'm thinking having 1. one cog on the motor axle, rotating the same way as the motor 2. a second cog connected to the above cog that...
  5. Nexus99

    Bicycle wheel forced to roll around a vertical axle

    I had some idea to solve this problem but i can't understand where the moment M is directed and where the force/forces that has magnitude ##\frac{M}{d}## is/are directed. Can anyone help me?
  6. aspodkfpo

    Rock climbing with forces along a "cam clamp" axle

    https://www.asi.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Physics_ASOE2015solutions.pdf Q`12b) Unable to understand how they deduct the relation between Ffall and N via the angles. Unable to tell why this would act along the axle of the cam to the point of contact with the rod and be relatable to each...
  7. N

    Analyzing the Mechanics of a Wobble Plate in a Cranked Axle Mechanism

    In the following cross section, the static guide plate (light blue) is rigidly constrained, fixed to the body (not shown) of the mechanism. It serves as the mounting point for a cranked axle (dark blue) via a combination thrust and radial bearing (pink & yellow) that constrains it to a single...
  8. archaic

    Rigid body rotation problem: Mass on a cord spinning up a wheel on an axle

    (I know how to solve the problem, that's not what I am looking for.) I have a problem with how I ought to understand the moment of inertia. The only torque I see applicable on the wheel is that of the tension, and so I think that ##I## should be ##m_{\text{point}}R^2##, without including all the...
  9. A

    Opposing force of the axle when a torque is applied to a wheel?

    Okay let's say we have a wheel attached to a fixed axle, free to spin, ignore friction and we apply a force on the edge of the wheel. That force creates a torque, does the axle have an opposing force to keep the wheel/axle assembly from accelerating linearly? Ive learned on this forum that when...
  10. shintashi

    Friction of a Wheel on the Axle?

    So say I've got a wheel who's outer radius is 12" and the radius of the axle is 1.5", so the simple machine here is an 8 to 1 ratio. So I am wondering, since 1/2mv^2 is for kinetic energy, and the velocity here is 1/8th, does it mean the friction is 1/8th or 1/64th? does it get 1/8th hotter or...
  11. Tom Rauji

    Understand Rear Axle Forces in Car Suspensions w/ Instant Center Plot

    When I read pages or look at calculators for car suspensions it seems they have things wrong. They seem to consider both the upper and lower arms as a straight line intersection where the tire contact patch effectively "pushes" through the intersect point. I'm trying to understand the forces...
  12. BenGuise

    How to calculate the rotational friction of square axle

    How would I calculate the frictional torque of rotating an axle with a square cross section? The axles that I’m using to drive a gear box are rectangular instead of cylindrical like normal axles, so I’m trying to figure out how much more a motor has to work to turn a square axle than it does to...
  13. F

    Friction at the axle vs at the Tyre

    Typically how do the two frictions, namely 1. at the axle of a car wheel vs 2. friction experienced by tyre at the road surface compare with each other? are they some what equal ?.. I am interested in approximate ratio of the two values . Thx.
  14. unseeingdog

    How to make a rotating rod turn the axle of a small motor?

    I'm building a small wind turbine and I'm trying to find a way to make the metal rod where the propellers are rotate the axle of a small motor. The diameter of the rod is 1/4" and the diameter of the axle of the motor is about 2 to 3 millimeters. This is more or less the design of the turbine...
  15. V

    Calculating force: pulley and gear on the same axle / shaft

    Dear Forum, Please see the attached file below. I have trouble understanding what happens at the light green gear which drives the big brown one. I read somewhere that the force that the belt applies on the surfaces of the two pulley's is the same, so 353, 68 Nm. The torque and rpm on both...
  16. A

    Turning Multiple Fixed Axle Trailers

    I am an apple grower and want to build trailers to haul apples (in bins) through my orchard. I want to couple 5 - 10 foot X 40 inch wide trailers (in tandem) and tow them through the orchard. The rear axel on each trailer is fixed and the trailer connects to the trailer in front of it (on a...

    How Does the Rotational Inertia Affect Rolling Motion on an Inclined Plane?

    A uniform wheel of mass 14.0 kg is mounted rigidly on a massless axle through its center, as shown in the figure below. The radius of the axle is 0.200 m, and the rotational inertia of the wheel-axle combination about its central axis is 0.600 kg·m2. The wheel is initially at rest at the top of...
  18. W

    Calculating Axial Thrust for a Wheelchair Axle

    I'm in the process of calculating my combined stress on an axle I am designing, I have calculated the bending and torsional stress, however I need to calculate the direct stress in the axle. In order to do this I need to know the axial thrust in my axle, I understand what axial force is but I am...
  19. W

    Choosing the Right Tolerance for Bearing Housing Design: A Scientist's Guide

    I'm currently in the process of designing a bearing housing for an axle. Unfortunately I am not 100% on the diameter of my axle yet but I want to have a clear understanding what tolerances to use on my axle to bearing bore and bearing outer diameter to the bearing housing. I've looked over the...
  20. S

    Material starting form for stub axle

    I am unsure whether I am posting in the right place, but was hoping someone could help me out. I was wondering if anyone knows the shape of the material at the beginning of the manufacturing process of a stub axle, and how the shape will vary depending on the quantity of products being made...
  21. W

    Steel tables for calculating axle diameter

    I'm in the process of calculating an axle diameter by using the bending moments which are created with the applied force on the end. In order to design my axle to be efficient, I believe I need to use the following equation. Sx = M/Fy Sx being Plastic Modulus Fy being Tensile strength of my...
  22. CK_KoopaTroopa

    How to find torque of rotational friction on an axle?

    Hi, I'm trying to program a simple physics engine from scratch as an exercise, and I'm starting with manipulating a stick with the mouse pointer. As of now, it dangles from one end demonstrating simple pendulum physics. Now, I want to add a friction component to the "axle" it's rotating on to...
  23. B

    Determing torque so that I may determine the diameter of my axle

    I am a little rusty at the moment but let's say I have an axle with two loads being applied to it. Both 500 lb. I am trying to figure out the various stresses on it so i can determine a suitable diameter for the axle connecting the tires. The two tires and axle are all one piece. The bearing...
  24. R

    Solving Steel Axle Connection Problem

    Homework Statement Two axels of steel are connected with gears. Both axels have the same diameter (d) and length (1000mm). Diameter of gear B is 150 mm and diameter of gear C is 450 mm. Gear D is stationary. A torque of 100 Nm is applied to gear A.Maximum allowed shearstress in the axels are...
  25. Guidestone

    Bending moment in an axis doesn´t match

    Hey guys, first of all, this isn't a homework question, I just want to know why the results are what they are. I've been trying t obtain the same numbers using moment equilibrium but they still don't match. This is the example: W are the forces applied by the gears in force-pounds. The gears...
  26. R

    Can multiple motors drive single axle (water pump here)

    I have a dilemma with the design of a device I want to build which is acquiring the correct size motor (shape & power) in my price range (even finding one within specs). I have found that the motors from cordless drills are ideal for this application (due to size, price and availability) so...
  27. J

    Calculating Net Torque on Wheel Axle

    Homework Statement Calculate the net torque about the axle of the wheel shown in https://jigsaw.vitalsource.com/books/9781269392464/content/id/ch08fig39 . Assume that a friction torque of 0.40 m · N opposes the motion. Where F=18N (in photo). The picture is here...
  28. N

    What is the Output Force of a Wheel Axle?

    Homework Statement You apply a force of 17 N to a wheel with a radius of 0.75 m. If the axle has a radius of 6 cm, what is the output force, assuming the machine operates under ideal conditions? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I don't even know how to begin to begin this. Help!
  29. K

    Finding the net torque about the axle?

    Homework Statement The 29.5cm diameter disk rotates counterclockwise on an axle through its center. F1=20.8N, F2=58.6N, F3=58.6N, F4=20.8N, and d=5.27cm. What is the net torque about the axle? Let the counterclockwise direction be positive. Homework Equations Torque = force (perpendicular) x...
  30. SkyblueEagle

    How do I calculate forces acting on bicycle axle?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to figure out how to calculate how much total force is being applied to the wheel axle on a bicycle. I'm focusing on the rear wheel for the moment. For the sake of simplicity, let's say that the bike and rider together weigh 100kg and that 60 percent of that is going...
  31. pawlist

    Angular velocity at 1/2 radius

    Homework Statement angular velocity about the axle = 65 rads^-1 diameter = 0.54m radius= 0.27m 1/2radius= 0.135m[/B]Homework Equations v=rw w=θ/t a=v^2/r=w^2r (Might be the probability that i have to use another equation)[/B]The Attempt at a Solution Firstly i cut the diameter in half which...
  32. C

    Rotating multiple objects around an axle?

    I'm looking for a way to rotate blocks. There is a single axle going through the blocks.. say there are a dozen of them. I am trying to figure out a way to rotate each block individually to one of the 4 sides based on different inputs. I am also trying to accomplish this with a single motor...
  33. S

    Calculating Torque for 10 cm Axle & 100 cm Wheel

    when 10 cm rope pull axle and wheel and in which axle is 10 cm in diameter and wheel is 100 cm in diameter in which wheel hangs a weight 10 kg of metal ..in this how to much torque is required to rotate axle?
  34. M

    Calculating Axle Loads for a Firefighter Vehicle: A Statics Problem

    Hi, my name is Goran and I have a physics/mechanics problem. I'm a 3D artist and I do 3D CAD or non CAD models for a company I work at. New job I got is basically a engineer because I'm about to get my mechanical engineering degree, but it has been a long time I actually calculated something so...
  35. ZelfZA

    Centrifugal force in space Motor with axle and wheight

    HI. I've read a lot of posts on centrifugal and centripetal force in space. But they mostly refer to the spinning space stations. I would like to know what happens when you take a motor with an axle and a mass on the end on of the axle, and you start the motor up.. I understand the whole law...
  36. A

    Equations of Motions of a Wheel Axle Set

    Hello all, I am currently studying dynamics of a wheel-axle set for my research. My problem is I could not find the same equation for the rate of the change of the momentum in the book, book is a little bit old and I could not find any errata about the book or any other references that...
  37. jjrocks

    Designing ATV Rear Wheel Solid Axle: Considerations

    I m considering to design a solid axle ATV for rear wheel drive without differential...so I want to know about what design considerations I have to consider while its designing.(like track width...suspension linkage position)
  38. Radarithm

    K&K Question 3.5 - Mass and Axle

    Homework Statement A mass m is connected to a vertical revolving axle by two strings of length l, each making an angle of 45 degrees with the axle, as shown. Both the axle and mass are revolving with constant angular velocity ω. Gravity is directed downward. (a) Draw a clear force diagram for...
  39. D

    Multiple motors to drive a single axle

    I want to turn an axle or a wheel using multiple motors. With a single motor, sometimes the power is not enough. Is there any method to use two or more motors independently driving the same axle or wheel ? The idea is to have contributions from all the motors so that the axle or the wheel gets...
  40. C

    Calculating Drive Axle Forces and Moments in Golf Buggy Design

    Homework Statement Hello For a project I am designing a golf buggy and I am calculating conflicting information. The problem is as follows; There is a drive shaft, A-B, 1.2m long. There are bearings supporting the shaft 0.1m from the centre of the wheels (therefore 1m apart) The...
  41. A

    Why is torque on a frictionless axle zero?

    I'm currently reading John Taylor's Classical Mechanics. Near the end of Chapter 3, he states "Because the table is mounted on a frictionless axle, there is no torque in the z direction. Therefore, the z component of the external torque on the system is zero and the [system's angular momentum in...
  42. R

    Need help on figuring out weight distribution when adding a third axle

    We have a truck that weighs 20,000 lbs, 8,100 on the front and 11,900 on the rear. The wheel base from the front axle to the rear axle is 272". The center of gravity is 161.84" which we found by taking 272" * 11,900 / 20,000 = 161.84". What would the load be on each axle if we add a third...
  43. D

    Electromagnetism: Axle rolling on train rails

    Imagine a set of train tracks. Now there is one bridge (a resistor) connecting the two rails in one spot. On a different spot, there is rolling axle that acts as another bridge and it makes good electrical connection with the rails creating a full rectangular circuit. This axle rolls at a...
  44. L

    Direction of Axle Force on Pivoted Disk

    Hello everyone, I came across this problem from my Physics textbook. I do not understand why the direction of the axle force is pointing downward. I think the upper part of the disk is exerting a downward force on the pivot (as it is pulled down by the Earth's gravity), and according...
  45. N

    Ball rotating on axle which is rotating itself

    Homework Statement A ball of mass m is attached via a rod of length x to an axle that rotates with angular velocity ω. You can consider the ball to be a point mass. m = 5 kg, x = 0.3 m, y = 0.4 m, ω= 30 rad/s (a) What is the linear momentum (direction and magnitude) of the ball? (b) What...
  46. S

    3 wheel Bicycle design: Front Axle

    I'm trying to understand the angles and force involved with my current project of building a 3 wheel front loading cargo bicycle. The current design stipulations maintain that the rear wheel always remain inline with the cargo(There are a vast majority of designs that do not adhere to this)...
  47. R

    Semi Truck Heavy Haul Trailer Axle Spacings

    I am try to build a 5 axle tractor(twin steer,tri-drive) to pull a heavy haul trailer(jeep 2axle, trailer 3axle, booster 2axle). Overall truck/trailer length 120 feet. I am trying to determine balance points to equally distribute the weights on all axles. I do know that the front steer...
  48. P

    Automotive How rear axle turns? (in cars)

    in cars front axle turns by diffrential but how rear axle turns it is possible wite pure rolling?
  49. L

    Wheel pivoted about a frictionless axle - moment of inertia, force of axle

    Homework Statement A wheel has 4 spokes, see sketch ( http://i44.tinypic.com/213hp52.png ), and is pivoted about the indicated frictionless axle which is perpendicular to the page. The wheel is lifted such that θ = 90° (above the negative y axis) and released from rest. What is the force...
  50. W

    What does a shear force diagram for a cantilever look like?

    I have the problem below, my question is what should the shear force diagram look like, I know its just a simple cantilever so does that mean the shear force diagram will be very rectangular looking?