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Bachelor of Engineering -- Importance of Grades

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    I am a 3rd year on my B.Eng Chemical Engineering in the UK.

    I would like to know if possible, if big employer companies,worldwide, look just at the final degree mark, or at all marks from the transcript? What about for smaller companies?

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    It is like a tiebreaker mechanism, if degree marks and everything else (internship, experience, recommendation, interview performance etc) is of the same level, it may come down to the marks of the most relevant courses. I don't believe it happens that frequently.
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    My brother has MEng Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London and now works with "Rolls Royce", they weren't too concerned with his grades per se. It was really down to his projects and extracurricular activities. They were also very interested in his activity during A-levels (Clubs, Duke of Edinburgh). They apparently were also very interested in his way of tackling problems and brought in some PhDs to talk about his projects and research.

    That being said at certain times of the year he pulls of 70 hour work weeks, something to keep in mind if you want to work for RR :)
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