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Physics Bachelor of science in geophysics

  1. Mar 9, 2012 #1

    is it (generally, i know it depends individually) possible to enroll in a PhD program (in U.S.) in physics or computer science with a bachelor of science in Geophysics? i know there's no simple answer but does anyone know what the general requirements for a PhD are? Do most universities require bsc from the same area of expertise that one is going to do his phd in or its more flexible?

    Edit: Sorry, i just realized there's "Academic guidance" subforum so this shouldn't be here.
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    I am doing Geosciences as my bachelor and I asked a few of my professors and they told me that I should have no problem in getting into physics. As for computer science, you might need to simply fill in the holes like learn a couple of programming languages before getting into it, but dont take my word for it, I'm not quite sure
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