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Bachelors of science in biochemistry

  1. May 26, 2010 #1
    Hello everyone,
    I've just completed a bachelors of science in biochemistry and am now considering entering a masters in bioproceessing/chemical engineeering.

    Is there anyone who has gone through the same academic route or anyone who currently works in the field on this forum?

    If so, do you find your work/workplace satisfying both personally and financially?

    I'd appreciate insight from anyone, including those outside the field who just happen to know about it.

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    Re: Bioprocess/Bioengineering

    I have colleagues that have made the above transition. The only thing to note was that bioengineering/chemical engineering has a lot more mathematics than they were used to: things like fluid dynamics are important, I don't know how much of this you've touched yourself.

    Otherwise, workplace satisfaction is a personal thing - the fact that other people enjoy it isn't an indicator for you. Have a good look at the course components for the Masters and make sure something clicks. Then, through the course you'll hopefully find something enthralling and want to pursue it further.

    Bioengineering is a very diverse field, there are lots of things to go into - and I feel that we're moving towards a point where collaborative (or cross) fields are 'all-the-rage', I expect there to be a bit of an increase in the role for a bioengineer in the future.

    Finally, I know a chemical engineer specifically in the field - he works as an expect on blood. This involves things like studying fluid flows through medical devices and understanding the blood interaction with materials.
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