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Thinking about second Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering

  1. Aug 28, 2013 #1
    Hello, I would like some advice on getting a second Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. I currently have a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. I should've gone for a C.E. degree since it was only 16 more credits but I didn't think it would matter much, so I didn't.

    Now I'm thinking about getting a second Bachelor's degree in C.E. but I'm currently working on a Masters in Electrical Engineering. If I do go for this 2nd Bachelors I will be doing it after I complete my Masters. The problem I see is that people (particularly employers) might wonder why I didn't go for a Masters in C.E. instead of a Bachelors. I really don't want to go for another Master's degree because of the cost and amount of work involved. I think getting an undergraduate in C.E. would work for me because I'm looking for some academic knowledge in C.E. Also, I already have some experience in C.E. but I just want the academic backing of a degree. I really don't know if I will work as a Computer Engineer but I like the subject so I want to get a degree in it as a back up.

    Any thoughts and/or advice?
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    Usually, it is best to just get the Masters. However, if you could just take 16 credit hours and get a second Bachelors, that might represent a good investment of time. You probably should expect questions about it, but if you already have a Masters in a related discipline, tacking on yet another Masters is overkill. Have you asked your graduate advisor if there is anyway to combine the two disciplines in your current program? That might be even easier yet. You could finish up the extra coursework, and maybe have a graduate level CE project for your CV. That would be better than a second Bachelors.

    As someone who hires engineers, I would be more impressed by a successful project than another degree. The CE bachelors isn't bad, but I want people who can do stuff, not just know stuff. However, I really, really mean it that I wouldn't hold the second Bachelors against you. I would probably ask in an interview why you did that, try to figure out your interests and skills, and I would definitely be looking for some concrete proof that you are a capable engineer and not a professional student.
  4. Aug 28, 2013 #3
    Thank you for the reply. It would've been only 16 more credits for the second Bachelors if I had got it during my undergraduate but now it will be 32 credits (8 classes). I think I can finish the 32 credits in about a year. I'm looking for some practical experience as well some academic knowledge. The problem is I could do a Masters in EE and CE at my current university and can combine the two degrees but the Masters in CE program at my current university is not good, in my opinion. In terms of actual experience I don't think I will gain much out of it, I would rather do it at another university. But if I do the Masters at another university I would probably have to take all the classes in the program but I will have to look into this. If I do get a second Bachelors in CE I will do it at a different university, not the one I'm at now.
  5. Aug 28, 2013 #4
    Not picking on Ben Espen; he seems like a nice guy who'd be willing to give you a chance. But this kind of response somewhat implies that it WOULD raise some red flags if you got yet another degree. If you can avoid having the burden of proving that you are not a professional student, I think you will have a much more pleasant time finding employment. If you will be competing with those that don't have that burden (and you will), you are already behind.
  6. Aug 28, 2013 #5
    Thank you for the replies. I think I won't go for a second undergraduate in CE. Perhaps I will do a Masters in CE but not sure. I think right now I will try to join some engineering groups and work on some projects, that way I can increase my experience in a real world environment.
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