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Barometric Pressure Sensor Port

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    I'm looking for a barometric pressure sensor to use as an altimeter in my project.

    I've narrowed it down to these three:

    http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=MPX2102ASXvirtualkey55700000virtualkey841-MPX2102ASX [Broken]
    http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=MPX2102APvirtualkey55700000virtualkey841-MPX2102AP [Broken]
    http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=MPX2100Avirtualkey55700000virtualkey841-MPX2100A [Broken]

    Same price, same specs, the only difference is in the nozzle. One is female, one is male facing up, one is male facing to the side.

    I'm going to be (hopefully) using these sensors on a kite, so there will be some wind. Which of these would be the best?

    My naive guess is that the male port would be less affected by wind noise, but I'm not sure.
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    I took a look at the http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/prod_summary.jsp?code=RD1979MPXM2102A&parentCode=null" using this series of sensors. From what I gather, the non ported sensors are used for altimeters and the ported sensors can have a tube attached for testing. This port can be used to do two point calibrations of the electrons the sensor is attached to.

    I'm assuming you're wanting to determine your kites altitude from the barometric pressure, so why have port? The non-ported sensors is what's used for measuring an absolute barometric pressure.
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    I'm not sure how sensitive the ones used to measure vacuum/pressure as found in automobiles but I doubt they are sensitive enough.

    I do know that mitsubishi, honda, and some nissan ecus from the early 80s to the early 90s used "baro sensors" both on the board of the ecu and some mounted to the passenger a pillar (hondas around 1986 to 1989).

    I'm not sure what you will be using to read them but I use this 8 channel data acquisition hub and custom applications that use "lookup tables" to net you the proper readings in pressure.

    That's assuming you are interested in using industry standard 0-5v.


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    Thanks for that link. I've saved it and I'll be sure to review it.

    The port was confusing me because I didn't know it was for a hose. I thought it might be for shielding or something, that's why I asked.

    Though I'm having to rethink my sensor choice anyway, since the maximum voltage of those is only 40 mV.
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