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BASH Script to Rename Multiple Files

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    Hi guys, this should be a pretty easy thing to do, I'm just not familiar enough with bash shell scripting to do it.

    I have a bunch of files named


    and I would like to remove one zero from the name so:

    I could do it by hand, but I may have to do it a few times, so a script would be nice. I know the number of files at all times, so I don't need IFs or any searches for the number of files to change.

    thanks a lot,
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    D H

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    Try something on the lines of
    Code (Text):
    for (( i=1 ; i<$N ; i++ )) do
      of=`printf 'flow%04d.fast' $i`
      nf=`printf 'flow%03d.fast' $i`
      mv $of $nf
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    Is there any chance you can explain the code a little? I'm not sure I understand it properly
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