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Basic gyroscope question about replacing the flywheel with balanced masses

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    Would a pair of balanced weights connected rigidly about the spin axis operate in the same manner as a standard gyroscope with a flywheel?
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    What are your thougts on this?
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    You could consider a helicopter with a 2 bladed rotor to be similar to your balanced weight example, and you could do a web search for helicopter and gyroscopic effects on the rotor.
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    A solid disk, or a set of 3 or more weights/blades/whatever, has the same moment of inertia about every axis through the center of the disk. A pair weights has a large moment of inertia about one axis, and a small one about the perpendicular axis.

    That difference may or may not be important, depending on the dynamics of the complete rotating system and its rotation speed.
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