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Basic parallelization technique for computing ensemble's average

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    Hi there,

    as much of you i possess a notebook (ubuntu) with DualCore processor. When i write my scientific simulation (C/C++ usually) i don't mind parallelizzation at all, that is, my program works on a single core only. I want to get benefit from dualcore technology without being crazy with OpenMP or other parallelizzation computing tools so i ask:

    How may i use both core in our simulations in a "simple" way?

    The first naive technique that comes to mind is to launch a fork, splitting process in two different thread and let the kernel does the dirty job. A more sophisticated technique is to use OpenMP and trying to do some basic naive paralleling, take for instance the evaluation of an ensemble's average: I run 500 temporal simulation and then averaging, i may split 250 simulation on one core and the rest 250 on the other. Should it works? Any experience?

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