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Basics of a Resolver transformer...

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    Can somebody please explain me the basics of resolver. How it works? How it calculates angle and velocity? Atleast any proper links. Please help.
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    Generally how much time does it take for the resolver to lock to the cos and sine signals and calculate the velocity?
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    A resolver is essentially laminated steel and several coils of copper wire arranged in a particular way. It doesn't do calculations, nor does it lock anything - these things are done by whatever electronics are connected to it.

    Analog Devices - http://www.analog.com/en/products/a...rs/synchroresolver-to-digital-converters.html
    Texas Instruments - http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slyt661/slyt661.pdf
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    Take a look at; “Synchro and Resolver Conversion, Geoffrey Boyes, Analog Devices, 1980”

    You will find a direct link in the Analog Devices list of downloads. See page 31.

    There is plenty to read in that list.
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    Resolver is an analog device, interpreting the signals all depends on the interface. Here is a Patent on the scheme, worth the read.

    Resolver systems are used in industrial robotics, can be quite accurate and fast - but the limit? Each system will be designed to meet the needs of the application.
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