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Battery AH and Deep Cycle type & Charger suitability

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    I am using this battery for a boat bilge pump. It's all working as expected, but what I am trying to determine is if my battery is suitable for the charger I have and if so, I need assistance decoding the CHARGING TIME chart (picture below) in my charger manual to determine how long I should charge the battery, what the battery "AH" and Amps rating are and any tips for maintaining the life of the battery are also welcome.

    I've included screen shots below of my charger specification and some additional images for visual.

    I apologize for my ignorance in this subject.

    EverStart U1R-7 Tractor/Mower Battery Details:
    -- Lead acid
    -- Maintenance-free
    -- Model No.: U1R-7
    -- Product in Inches (L x W x H):8.25 x 5.8125 x 7.8125

    This is an excerpt from my charger manual. I am having a very difficult time determining the "AH" (Apere Hour) of my battery as it is not noted anywhere I can find. And I do not know if it is considered a "Deep Cycle" battery.

    [PLAIN]http://w3developing.com/temp/_IMG_20110904_102807.jpg [Broken]

    Here is a pic of my charger up close:
    [PLAIN]http://w3developing.com/temp/_IMG_20110904_102624.jpg [Broken]

    Here is a shot of both for visual:
    [PLAIN]http://w3developing.com/temp/_IMG_20110904_102544.jpg [Broken]
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    I see "275" and "230" on the front of the battery, but I can't read the text next to the numbers. I'd guess that one of them is CCA (cold cranking amps). If so, then I would just use the corresponding time in the manual's chart.

    But... The better way is to get an automatic battery charger/maintainer, such as the http://batterytender.com/" [Broken].)
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    pantaz, I did not know such a product existed. I was looking at trickle chargers, but the Battery Tender seems to be a safe product to maintain the life of the battery.
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    At the top of the charge chart, there is a header titled "Charger Output Rating (Amps)". I am not sure how this relates to the hours charged. Is Output Rating related to the battery or the charger? And how would I determine which column is correct for my battery?
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    I think the answer was directly in front of my face. I see the charger says: 10 Amps DC output. I think that answers my questions. If I am wrong about this, please let me know : )
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    You have a size U1 battery. There are three different types of batteries all Lead Acid and all in the same case. What is different?

    Flooded: [you have this] Based on your description this an ordinary flooded wet lead acid battery. If you poked a hole in the side of the battery, you would get cups of loose liquid sulfuric acid on the floor. This battery is designed to dissipate the heat created during a Starting type discharge, short and vigorous. Not designed to be deep discharged. Note rating is CCA [cold cranking amps] which tells you how much current you can get for a SHORT while.

    AGM: Absorbed Glass Mat this is designed to support deep discharges. Not good for starting service as it has too much lead and not enough sulfuric acid to handle the heat of starting. Poke a hole in this one and you get teaspoons of sulfuric acid. The rest is absorbed in the fiberglass sponge between the plates.

    GEL: Similar construction to the AGM battery, except the sponges are thinner and the electrolyte contains extras to make it into a jelly. Poke a hole in this one and you get almost no leakage. Costs more than an AGM.
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    I'm thinking that since 9-4-11, his battery has died. :devil:

    You may want to look at the post date before posting. Just sayin'
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