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Beginning a Career, in or out of the field

  1. Jan 25, 2014 #1
    Hello all,

    So I graduated last May with a bachelors degree in physics. Since then I've been looking like crazy for a job.

    Right now I'm in a situation where I would love to do something involving physics, but would also be completely fine with doing Data analysis, or any other field that has anything to do with mathematics.

    What I'm looking for are some ideas. I've already applied to everything from Entry level engineering positions, to financial data analysis positions. I would love some ideas of directions I can go.

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  3. Jan 26, 2014 #2
    If you can afford it, get a graduate education (masters or beyond) in whatever technical field you want to work in. With just a BS in Physics and no serious helping hand/contacts in an industry, you aren't going anywhere I'm afraid. I've been in a similar predicament since May and I have yet to find any kind of employment, much less of the technical kind.
  4. Jan 27, 2014 #3
    Many graduates with a BS in physics have hard time finding work relevant to their studies. The only job that a physics BS really prepares you for is to be a physics graduate student. One place that actually does actively try to recruit physics BS graduates is Teach for America. That ended up being the most "popular" choice of my graduating class that didn't get a PhD.

    Otherwise, like Lavabug, I suggest going back to school. A physics BS is not a good degree for getting a career, but it can be a good degree for starting a more advanced college program. If you don't want to do a PhD physics program there are other terminal masters and bachelor programs you can do that will greatly increase your career marketability.

    Personally, I have been looking for full time work for over two years now and never even got a call back on any of my applications. In the mean time I am working at a restaurant and taking some engineering classes in anticipation of getting a BS in electrical engineering.
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