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Behavior of charged particles in Free and Bound states

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    If there are 3 positive charges of +1, +3, +5 coulombs equidistant from a negative charge of 1 coulomb what positive charge will this negative charge be attracted to ?

    Is the result different if the charges exist in a “bound” state (resulting in electrovalent compounds) where a positive charge of +3 coulombs will be neutralized by a negative charge of (-)3 coulombs OR when the charges exists as suspended charged balls (similar to a pendulum) where the coulomb force of attraction determines the outcome.

    This corresponds to a comparison of the behavior of charges when they exist in a “Free” or “Bound” state.
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    All three, this is as trivial as [itex]\frac{q_1 q_2}{r^2}[/itex].
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