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Bending moment of square tubing

  1. Sep 26, 2013 #1
    I have some square tubing 3x3x1/4" A36 that will be fixed on one end and free on the other the material 9' long how was I find the bending moment?
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    Are you hanging stuff off of it? Bending from what?

    You need the moment of inertia for that cross section, you need the distance from the stress plane to the central axis. and you need the forces that contribute to the bending. An understanding of the method by which the beam is joined at one end would make it more accurate, or you could assume it is rigid.
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    yes I am just hanging "stuff" from the end of the beam. the actual beam is going to be 9' long lets just say rigid on one end we are going to suspend the load on the end of the beam
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    It's not clear what you mean by 3x3x14" tubing. Perhaps you meant 3x3x1/4" tubing?
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    Yes sorry 3x3x1/4"
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