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Homework Help: Bernouilli's principle and downforces

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    Ok need some help here with downforce:

    So far what i understand is that due to the different areas which air have to cover, when it goes over a surface with a larger area at the same time where the otherside has a smaller area the top will have a greater velocity and due to Bernoullis Principle it will have a decrease in pressure.

    Vice-versa for the bottom side.

    What i don't understand is how the force is applied?

    From Wikipedia.org i found this image here:


    Which is the equation for determining Lift. Would downforce just be negative lift? Another two things which i dont understand in that equation is the "frontier of the domain? and the last three terms.

    Is there a simple way of explaining downforce using Bernoulli's Principle and say the equation for Pressure; P=F/A ?

    There is also the variable of "angle of attack" which i understand to be the angle at which the air "hits" the object.

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