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Other Best books and lectures in general physics

  1. Apr 3, 2016 #1
    Can anyone suggest good books and lectures in general physics that can still help in physics nowadays ? And i like to know best authors names in physics .
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    I really enjoyed Understand Physics by Isaac Asimov. It delves more into the conceptual side of physics without getting too mathematical
    The Feynman Lectures are available online as well, they're pretty good. Feynman is king.
  4. Apr 3, 2016 #3
    I read it all (feynman lectures ) i like read for roger penrose stephen hawking kip thorne and brian greene they dont use math in their books but i think these author are good
  5. Apr 3, 2016 #4
    Consider the online first year physics lectures given at Yale by R. Shankar. (This is the same guy who wrote the widely used book Principles of Quantum Mechanics.)
    I recommend these because aside from Shankar being an unusually good teacher, his sense of humour makes the lectures very entertaining as well.

    Shankar, Fundamentals of Physics I: http://oyc.yale.edu/physics/phys-200
    Shankar,Fundamentals of Physics II: http://oyc.yale.edu/physics/phys-201

    Fundamentals of Physics: Mechanics, Relativity, and Thermodynamics, R. Shankar – Dec 2 2013
    Fundamentals of Physics II: Electromagnetism, Optics, and Quantum Mechanics, R. Shankar – due out Jun 2016​
    Although these are the associated books, they seem to be largely derived from the lectures themselves. So go for a more traditional all-in-one first year physics text that includes lots of exercises, my favourite is the widely used Fundamentals of Physics, Halliday and Resnick.
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    Khaye inta min Lubnan ?
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    What ?
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    i liked Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism, by Arthur F. Kip. Very easy and informative textbook.
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    Sorry, I thought you would have understood me lol
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