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Best career to pursue?

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    Hello! I'm a highschool student that will graduate soon and I'm very good in Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Basic C++ Programming(A on all these subjects).

    My question is what is the best course or career that I can take? My teachers told me to be an electrical engineer. Any advice?
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    The best career is the one that interests you most.
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    It's really up to you. Do some research on potential majors, for example, electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, physics, math, mechanical engineering and other technical majors. University websites usually have a list of possible careers or career opportunities of individual majors, so I'd start with that.
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    your best course of action is to get into a school where you can develop a custom major to encompass those areas. when you get done, you'll figure out a career path.
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    Your teachers were very wise to tell you to become an electrical engineer. They likely realize we're in a crappy economy, (especially given their circumstance as high school faculty) and that electrical engineering, while still reconciling your love of math/natural science, will keep you in very good shape financially. I suggest you listen to them. Get an engineering/computer science B.S/E if you want to save yourself from disappointment later. Wish I had wise teachers like that back in high school..

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    Thanks. So I guess I'll get electrical engineering.
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    Rather than take the advice of some random people on the internet, I would suggest that you job shadow an electrical engineer or two for a day so that you can see what the jobs within that profession really entail.

    There is no single "best" career. The answer is different for everyone, and for some (most) people it will change through their lives. If you're not completely sure what you want to do, you may want to take a general year of science or engineering at university that will keep as many doors as possible open, and while you're doing that keep investigating. Once you've got a year of university under your belt, you might find that your true strengths narrow into one or two particular areas.
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