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Best (non-program) sci. calculator with a viewable memory?

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    What is the best non-programmable scientific calculator with a scrollable (or otherwise easily accessible) memory of past calculations?

    I would like to find one where the full decimal/standard answers from past calculations can easily be selected and used for new calculations. I already know about the TI-30X series, but are there any other calculators that have these functions?

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    @CalcNerd seems to be our resident expert :)
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    Thanks for the compliment!

    The Ti-36x Professional is the best non-programmable scientific calculator available today. And it is also allowed on most certification and state exams ie the NCEES or ASQ certification exams. It is easy to buy, relatively cheap, and easy to find. It would be my first suggestion without knowing your needs.

    It is a big step up from the Ti-30x Multiview.

    Casio is similar in features to the Ti-36x professional, but has the fatal flaw of losing all its stack contents upon powering off.

    Sharp has an excellent line of high end pocket calculators such as the EL 531 series. And I feel they are equal to the Ti-36 plus, but NONE of their calculators are approved for the NCEES exam.

    If you needed or wanted Business (TVM is nice to have) or better Statistics functions, I would suggest two other calculators to consider. The Ti-BAii plus or an Hp 20B (The Hp 20B is discontinued, but probably not too hard to find). Both have two OS systems, you would probably want to choose the Algebraic option that is available on both. Both are financial calculators that have better statistics functions and still have standard Trig functions (Neither have hyperbolic Trig). The Hp 20b is a nonstandard algebraic (keyboard is really laid out for RPN usage). It is the non-programmable version of the currently released Hp 30B (has all the functions of the HP 30B aside from programming and one built in financial function). The Ti-BAii has a professional version available that is also available for about $20 more ie about $50 retail. You get a few more functions (I believe a couple extra financial or stat functions) and an Hp style keyclick keyboard. Of the three, I would recommend the standard Ti-BAii first. It is easy to find, moderately priced and easy to use. The Hp 20B may have a better scrolling menu as I haven't used a BAii that much. Neither has fraction mode and I am not sure about equation entry on the BAii either.
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    I bought a casio fx-115es plus for daily use(you can't beat that for 15 bucks) and a ti-89 that I still have to learn to use, got ti-89 for dummies to compliment the manual.
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    Thank you so much CalcNerd for your insightful recommendation! you really do know your your calculators.

    I think I will go and get the TI-36x professional as you recommended, it appears to have significantly more functions than the 30X multi-view.

    Thanks again for taking time out of your day to help a clueless individual like myself, you're awesome CalcNerd!
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