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Best place to buy Electrical stuff

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    I,am kind of new to electrical engineering and i was wondering if there is a really great place to buy electrical stuff like newegg but for electrical components I found this site called http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com its seems to be pritty good but is there a diffrent site that everyone else uses
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    Check out DigiKey
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    also Mouser, Jameco, and ebay
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    Thanks for the sites guys for those of you reading I,m going to give a small review of each site

    DigiKey.com - is very good if you know exatly what you want it has some really good filter so its easy to find just what you need.

    jameco.com -very similer to digikey but needs pictures.

    Mouser.com - it has some useful stuff like a project manager but the buying system is still like gigikey and jameco.

    the buying system I see in these 3 sites are great if your reading schematics and know the exact model number you need if you just want a crap load of random stuff in gerneral goldmine-elec-products.com is good but all the above sites are great thanks guys
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