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Best Text For Analysis Self-Study

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    Any recommendation's for a good textbook to study analysis solo? I know that there is Rudin & Apostol, although i'm sure there more "user friendly" introductory books.

    I was thinking about picking up baby Rudin to attempt the material. Since i'm going to be taking Calculus III(vector) next semester, I was also thinking about buying Spivak's Calculus book to re-learn the old stuff as well as go along with the new stuff to gain more insight on the theory behind the material......as it would be beneficial for when I take analysis later on.

    Any input?

    Thank you.
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    Ross' Elementary Analysis--that's the text I'm using now for the class. One thing that bears mentioning is that geometric arguments don't appear quite often in Ross (and never in Rudin), so you HAVE to supply those for your own. Since you'll be working on the real line if you use Ross, geometric interpretations can be quite easy to supply (and visualize), so don't miss on those opportunities.

    It goes without saying that Analysis is a subject best studied under the guidance an instructor. That is especially true if the subject matter is your first brush with proofs and proof-writing.
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    Check out Marsden & Hoffman's Elementary Classical Analysis.
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    I highly recommend spivak.
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