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Best Universities for Superconductivity Research

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    I was wondering: I have the rankings for condensed matter physics schools, but I would like to know what school is best for superconductivity research. Is it University of Maryland?

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    Renmin University? Maybe even Technical University of Munich?
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    Superconductivity is a huge field, it involves everything from fundamental condensed matter physics, bulk applications (cables, magnets), materials research (synthesising superconducting materials etc, much of which is done by inorganic chemists), device physics etc
    Most universities only have groups that are active in maybe one or two of these areas so there is no "best university" for the whole field. Also, low-Tc and high-Tc are to some extent two separate fields (the former being mostly focused on device physics).

    So you have to be more specific. What are you interested in?
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    I want to discover a superconducting material that superconducts at room temperature, is ductile, and cheap. Basically, I want to know the theory of superconductivity, such that I can look at the chemical formula of any compound and say "That'll superconduct at [blankety-blank] Kelvins". Or, at least know the first principles behind superconductivity.

    That eliminates "applications", "experimental", etc. I want to know theory...and be a superconductor theoretician.
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