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Best way to non-conductive coat aluminum?

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    I have some aluminum pieces for a project that need to fit into some slots, they are about the size of your hand. What would be the best way to coat them so they are no longer conductive? Something thin like an enamel I was thinking but perhaps someone here has a better idea.

    Thanks in advance!
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    explain your setup more fully and why they need to be non-conductive. Maybe a drawing/photo or 2
    This may help with the other ideas :smile:

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    How about anodisation?
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    To make it REALLY non-conductive, a true insulator you can powder coat with epoxy. Another option is dip coat with PVC.

    There are many options - what is best depends on the application requirments. Durability, UV (sun ) exposure, voltage to be applied. etc...
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    I would really like to post a picture of the piece and the design however that could potentially give away my idea.
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    Then you will have to do some/most of your research yourself. However, voltage breakdown is usually dependent upon thickness and the actual material. I suspect PVC coating to have a higher voltage breakdown than powder coating. Anodizing would work for very low voltage levels except it is such a thin coat, that any scratch or pressure could potentially damage the thin shell and allow current to flow ie voltage breakdown. And if you have an AC voltage, you may actually develop capacitive reactance.
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    Here is your best answer:
    But depending on those parameters, stuff like this makes an inexpensive solution. There are many similar brands; I don't endorse any particular one

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    Anodising can be isolating till 1000 V and is way harder than any plastic coating.
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    Those sort of responses really don't go well on any forum

    If you don't want to give details, then you cannot expect forum members wasting their time playing the guessing game
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    There is electrical grade epoxy powder coat - EXAMPLE, PVC is pretty good, but softer, and likely to get damaged. Still there are like 6 key factors in making the "best way".

    In reading this again - the Aluminum parts can be dip coated with PVC very easy, but they have to be heated. I know a company (where I used to work) that does this with electrical grade PVC.
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