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Python Better ideas or ways to approach?

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    I was trying to finish the assignments of this link

    unfortunately they are not numbered, but I dealt with the Tree reference one. In particular, given a tree TREE and a list of indices, it will return the appropriate subtree. My python code looks like this:
    Code (Python):

    def depth(x):
        if not isinstance(x,(list,tuple)): return 0
        for element in x:
            maxdep = max( maxdep , depth(element) )
        return maxdep+1

    def tree_ref( tree, index):
        #Error if you ask for a deeper subtree than available
        if len(index)>depth(tree):
            return "ERROR \t tree_ref(): Your tree is smaller than what you asked"
        #main return
        if len(index)==1: return tree[index[0]]
        for i in range(len(index)):
            return tree_ref(tree[index[i]], index[i+1:])

    TREE=(((1, 2), 3), (4, (5, 6)), 7, (8, 9, 10))
    print  tree_ref(TREE, (1,1,1))
    As far as I've checked this code seems to work...Are there more clear or even optimal ways to do the job? thanks.
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    This structure seems a little odd - I think it's equivalent to
    Code (Python):
    return tree_ref(tree[index[0]],index[1:])
    Also, you've used a recursive approach. I'd probably use a loop-based approach, since I expect it would handle larger trees without falling over.
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