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B Big bang and matter anti-matter inbalance

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    - I never quite understood , while people generally believe they must search for the reason of matter, anti-matter unbalance. I mean the big-bang was a violation of the energy conservation law. As far as I understand in the first moment there was only energy which later condensed into matter and anti-matter. But the energy was there before, so why would anti-matter and matter be created in perfect balance ? Meaning we have energy , matter and anti-matter, but there's no anti-energy , right ?
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    The evidence shows us that matter is common and antimatter is rare, this seems to indicate there was an initial imbalance which lead to the imbalance we see now.
    I'm not sure if understand what you mean, Lambda CDM cosmology doesn't obey energy conservation in general but "dark energy" is what is believed to power inflation and accelerating expansion so it would make sense to me that there is some type of energy conservation involved. We just don't know what "dark energy" is but we have a good idea how much is involved quantitatively.
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    >imbalance we see now
    Yes, but my argument was that there's no need to have balanced initial setup in the first place

    A bit beside the point; I mean with my limited knowledge ;dark-energy 'still' contributes to the energy-amount
    of the universe. In that sense I consider it to be normal-energy.

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    This paper probably will be answer to all of your questions in much more detail.

    Especially part 1 and part 5.
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