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Engineering Biomedical Engineering graduate school

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    So only few universities offer BME programme in Bachelor Level. If I want to pursue this career, I need to go to graduate school.

    Then what Bachelor's degree should I get?
    Is it better to have BSc in Biology or BASc in Mechanical Engineering?
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    Get an Electrical engineering degree.
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    so you mean EE degree is more related to BME than ME?
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    Yup. I have no sources but Electrical Engineer is the most general engineering.

    Also, isn't biomedical engineering the science that try to solve the medical problems ?

    Here's what a poster has to say about BME.

    Gotten from here:


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    All the biomedical engineers I know started out in electrical engineering, but as has been posted, that's not the only route.

    A bachelor's degree in biology will not prepare you for graduate school in BME. It's good to have some kind of background in biology, but you can learn most of what you need to know as you go through graduate school. The engineering, physics and mathematics involved requires more formal rigour.
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