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Bittorrent initialization core failed

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    Amazing, after downloading my first thing with Bittorrent, this program is not working on my computer anymore. I obtain the error msg:

    Initialization Core Failed.

    I tried to re-install the program several times, even doing a restoring of my system, but nothing works.

    Any ideas?

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    Was the restore prior to installing it the first time, after you installed it but before you used it or after you downloaded.

    If the restore was from before you installed it.
    The pgm might have written something to the BIOS memory/sram or the thing you downloaded might have.

    If from after then there could be a registry error somewhere.

    Also try unpluging ALL USB devices, boot system, then reconnect devices. I've gotten some very peculiar operation lately and this seemed to cure it.
    Thought I was in the market for a new Mobo for a bit as the issue was that the BIOS itself would not recognize HDs. Apparently the USB aware BIOS stores information on USB devices and that got corrupted.
    I had a second issue where net connectivity disapeared and a non working USB device. Unplugging fixed connectivity and the unrelated device as well.
    Might not fix you, but it is an easy test.
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    I re installed it several times, and after that (since it didn't work) I made a restoring.

    I don't have anything connected to USB ports. It's a laptop.
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    use a different client?
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    I have installed Azureus now. I think it works.

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    Stop using warez is one solution :wink:
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    Many legal files are distributed through bit torrent these days, Azureus is the best anyway..
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    I think bitcomet's better, but azureus works well, yeah.
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