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Bizzare idea, I need expert opinions?

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    Okay, you know how the maximum entropy can only stay the same or increase given time. I am talking about entropy in the sense of heat (Thermodynamics) where its measured as the amount of joules that actually do work.

    What if energy with maximum energy is converted into matter and then converted back to energy? Would the entropy be conserved, or will it dissipate? Thanks!
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    What is "energy with the maximum energy"?

    Every time we convert one kind of energy to another, or to mass, and then back again the conversion is not 100% efficient. So during every conversion energy is lost.
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    What are you talking about? Energy/mass is ALWAYS conserved no matter what happens. Thats one the basic principles of all physics. I would bet you would win the Nobel Prize if you could figure out how to destroy matter or energy.
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    I'm pretty sure Bobbywhy means energy available for work. After the conversion overall entropy will have increased, some energy must be wasted. This is pretty much why we can't have a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perpetual_motion" [Broken].
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    Oh, sorry I see now. Its just the way he said it sounded wrong. Okay thanks.
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