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Blocks on turntable with friction = hard problem

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Two identical blocks are tied together with a string and placed along the same radius of a turntable that is spinning about its center. The inner block is 4 cm from the center and the outer block is 5 cm from the center. The coefficient of static friction between the turntable and the blocks is µs = 0.71, and the string is taut.

a) What is the maximum angular frequency such that neither block slides?

b) Now suppose that the blocks each have a mass m = 34 g. For the value of w you just found, what is the tension in the string?

i worked on part A for a long time and found the answer to be 12.4 rad / s

i am having problems calculating part B, can anyone point me in the right direction, thanks


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I get a different answer for part a).

Perhaps you can show your work?

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