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Medical Blood pressure meds are they good?

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    blood pressure meds!!! are they good?

    Hi all, I am 26 years old female and recently put on high blood pressure meds. I believe it was caused by a lot of stress and anxiety. I was put on meds after the birth of my daughter about 3 years ago. Some people tell me that once I start high blood pressure meds I will be on them forever. Is this true? Any success stories of people who reversed considerably?
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    I'm not a doctor but I am a wannabe pharmacy student who's taken some pharmacology classes. . .

    In theory if you follow a healthy lifestyle you might not need blood pressure meds anymore. Not many people are able to do this though, especially because the problem tends to worsen as you age.

    The good news is that most blood pressure meds are fairly benign (ie not toxic), and there are a variety of different types to try if you happen to not tolerate one well. Also you should be able to find generics that work well, making therapy cheaper. So being on blood pressure meds is not a big deal at all.

    The biggest danger comes from the fact that high blood pressure usually does not have any signs or symptoms until you end up with heart related problems or kidney problems. So it may be hard to convince yourself that you really do need to take these pills every day. But rest assured that if you have high blood pressure it's in your best interest to take the pills you're prescribed every day, even though you feel physically fine.
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    jim mcnamara

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    We want you to get the help you need, not some useless guess. Which is what I posted below- guesses. That's why we do not do any type of diagnosis. See your doc.

    A post-partem problem suggests some kind of possible hormone problem or a weight gain problem.

    Before we try to guess what your physician probably knows, consider asking your doc what s/he believes to be the cause of your hypertension. If your doc cannot answer you, find another one. Some types of hormonal imbalances (catecholamines) are sometimes correctible, for example, and losing weight at a young age can also help. Restricting salt intake helps.
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    As jim has mentioned, whether or not you are on bp medication for the rest of your life depends on the cause of your elevated bp. For many, elevated bp is the primary diagnosis, and yes, they will likely need to stay on those medications the rest of their life. For others, elevated bp is secondary to another condition. Treating the other primary condition gets the bp under control and one can get off the bp medication once the other condition is stabilized.
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    First we must distingesh between two forms of eleveted blood pressure: the esential form and the sedondary form. The esential form has an etiology anknown. Generally, this form apears to old people. I think you have a secondary blood pressure. THis has a well define cause, and your phisicians must find this cause. Because it negins after the birthof your daughter, is likely to be a hormonal cause (the level of estrogens is not normal - it's good to take some analizes). The drugs are very good, because elevated blood pressure have a lot of complications. DOn't worry about the drogs. A very important thing is how much elevated is your blood pressure, and want kind of drugs you take. I wait this information.
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