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Normal blood pressure versus age, good to go up?

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    A Google image search of "normal blood pressure versus age" came up with charts that I don't understand completely. Consider the following information.


    Also see,


    It looks like it is normal for blood pressure to rise with age but is that a good thing?

    Years ago I bought a blood pressure reader and lately have been checking my blood pressure. After a long bike ride tonight it was 120/80 and I'm thinking, getting better readings lately but looking at the chart above for someone aged 58 it looks as if I need to smoke and eat more to raise my blood pressure towards "normal". I guessing that is the wrong conclusion to reach?

    Thanks for any help!
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    It sounds like your BP is great for your age -- probably related to your exercise routine and probably a good diet. You should discuss your numbers with your doctor, since it would be a bad idea for us to give you advice about your numbers (which I envy!)
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    While this thread is currently locked pending discussion of whether it violates our medical advice rules, I still feel the need to point out that if you are checking your blood pressure soon after exercise, you are doing it wrong: it should be checked when in a state of rest. Check it before the bike ride.

    ...And consult with your doctor about the meaning of the results.
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    Thread reopened. Note that we can't give you any diagnosis regarding your blood pressure, if you are concerned then consult a doctor. This thread will stay open so long as the discussion revolves around the reasons behind blood pressure increases with age.
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    Thanks. I checked it about 30 minutes after the ride and have taken note that readings are not taken after exercise to indicate your health. I was not really looking for advice but wanted to understand the table I included. The table makes it look like it is normal for blood pressure reading to rise with age but my real question was is that necessarily good? What if it stayed 120/80 as you aged, what is bad with that. Is "normal" just average for the population of people my age?

    Will talk with the doctor next time I'm in about the table.

    Thanks again.
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    Blood pressure may increase with age, but that is not a good thing.

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