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Bode plot for first order high pass (RL) - reality vs theory

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    Hey there!
    So I have this circuit:
    with R= 1kOhm and L=10mH
    and for some reason the theoretical and real values differ drasticly for lower frequencies
    Brown lines are representing the asymptotic and approximation lines.
    Blue lines are connecting my measured values.
    Amplitude is the amplitude of the transfer function in dB.

    What can this shift in both amplitude and phase be caused by? Is it the internal resistance of the indoctor or is it the internal capacitance of the inductor or is it something else?
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    What is the Zout of the generator? What is the ESR of the inductor? What is the ESL of the resistor?

    I think if you add these values into your simulation, you will get closer to your measured result... :smile:
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