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Boney M

  1. Jul 20, 2009 #1
    Have any non Americans not heard of the music group Boney M? Or any American heard of Boney M?


    I was quite surprised that none of my American friends ever heard of them. Boney M was a world hit in 70s and 80s. At the bottom of the above wiki link, they give the chart positions in various countries.

    I was wondering it is a difference in the music taste or poor marketing?

    Another one, "Men at work" from Australia. They were a huge success in Australia, but also had a tough time entering into US market. But their masterpiece "Land down Under"
    () was a huge hit all over the world. Amazing song...
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    My folks listened to them a little bit in the 90s. I probably wouldn't remember them if they didn't have such a cool name.
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    ps I'm from Canada :0
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    I like some of their stuff. As catchy as it is, though, I'm a little sick of 'Rasputin'.
    I'm also in Canada.
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    I think they were more of a european hit.
    Germans have a very weird taste in pop music.
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    I'm in the US and never heard of Boney M.
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    I never heard of them either, and I'm pretty heavily into music. Of course, I'm not into Pop, so that might be a factor. When I was traveling a lot, Men at Work got a lot of air-play - always that same hit single, it seems. In some parts of the country, radio is a wasteland. Maine is really bad, with the exception of WKIT - Steven King's radio station that plays rock and blues. The other big stations in the state are all owned by conglomerates and are programmed remotely.
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    This is my favorite Boney M.
    "Never never change lovers in the middle of the night"

    Don't look at the video, that's quite funny (especially the guy) compared to today's standards. But I would be surprised if you are into pop/disco music and do not like this beat.
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    Men at Work had a good sound to them. Always wish I could have seen them live. They have quite a few other songs which were good other than Down Under, like; Be Good Johnny, Underground, It's a Mistake, I Like To, ect.
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    Few people might remember the group, but I'll bet a lot more remember Rasputin. It was quite popular.

    I too am Canadian. Is that a coincidence?
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    I see ...so it's not just US who don't appreciate Boney M, it's all north americans :)
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    Damn y'all! I'd just gotten Rasputin out of my head. There go the next 7 years...
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  15. Jul 21, 2009 #14
    Another Canadian here and, yes, I've heard of Boney M. And not just their mega-hit Rasputin, (that was not the 90s) but On The Rivers of Babylon too.

    Also, recently, my mother complained that their newly purchased vehicle didn't come with a cassette tape player, only a CD player. Further, she owns all of her favourite music cassette tapes and not CDs. I told her to send me a list and I'd download (legally) the albums (outdated word, yes?) and burn them to CDs for her. In her list was the Happy Christmas CD by Boney M.

    Maybe it's a Canadian thing.

    (She also wanted a Zamphir CD but I couldn't find that anywhere online. Thank heavens.)
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    I haven't heard of Boney M, and I'm certainly not going to listen to them after you refer to Land Down Under as an "amazing song." Thanks for the warning.
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    Cassette to MP3!

    And if you have some vinyl lying around:

    (Okay, so the last one is kinda redundant, especially if you have a stereo-out on your record player, an adapter from Radioshack, and a line-in on your audio card).
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    I've always liked Boney M, and I'm from Norway.
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