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Other Books for Geometry, Real Analysis and EM

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    The real analysis text is very good for a first course. It's somewhat unorthodox in its decision to banish sequences and series to the hand. I've finished the first four chapters and so far the book is very clear and easy to follow, and best of all is very rigorous. Everything is proven from first principles: you start with Peano's axioms and make your way up to R, you prove the uniqueness of the real numbers and the viability of their decimal expansion (before you even discuss limits!).

    Griffith is good, if you've done well on your multivariable calculus course you'll find it very easy to follow.

    I'm using Bloch for self-study and I took a university course using Griffith (and O. N. Sadiku). I can't speak about any of the other books.
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    I once finished the part starting with Peano's axioms. Wow, it is inspiring.
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