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Boundaries Change With U-Sub? Huh?

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    So, I've been trying to figure out why the boundaries change in the example below. It seems like the boundaries change from [0,2] to [1,17] and I can't discover why this is. Ideas?

    http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/3808/skjermbilde20111129kl52.png [Broken]
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    You're just making a substitution. What is the theorem that says that you can calculate integrals by substitution?? What does it say about the bounds?
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    I don't know what theorem this is. What theorem is it?
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    If u = 1+4t2, what u values correspond to your t value limits?
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    Oh! I understand this now: 4t2 + 1, where t=2,0 gives 17 and 1, respectively.

    Okay. But, just out of curiosity, what theorem is this? I still don't know.
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