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Bow Tie Antenna Construction Question

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    I'm trying to build a high gain TV antenna. I'm looking to achieve a 75 mile minimum range under most weather conditions. I do have a signal amp board I striped from an OK antenna, that I plan to use as well. I'm trying to specialize the antenna for my viewing market, UHF channels 17-38 (489.25 MHz to 615.25 MHz).

    Looking at guides on the internet, most Bow-Tie antennas are 4 or 8 segments (why, is a question in it's self). My first question is, does each segment need to be the same length. The UHF stations in my area, if I were building a half-wave dipole antenna, would indicate that I use segments between 9" and 12" (half-wave lengths, I know to use only quarter lengths on each side). The Bow-Tie's I've seen are all the same length, usually about 8" in length.

    Second question, if I go half-wave dipole style. I was going to use segments lengths that match the channel frequencies in my area... I'm using 8 gauge copper wire that I plan on welding to a 3/4" copper pipe with a reflective panel behind it. On this type of design is there any rule for spacing the segments out along the copper piping.

    I would greatly appreciate any help and advice before starting. Also, are there in pitfalls that I might run into that could compromise the design?
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    The spacing on the dipole segments is the question I'm most interested in... If anyone happens to know, or can point me in the right direction. :)
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    nvm, I think I got this figured out. I'll post any positive results.
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