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Homework Help: Box on an inclined surface with Force of Friction and angled applied Force.

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    Incline Surface force

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    In that case:


    Being μ the coefficient of kinetic friction and N the normal reaction of the ramp.
    As the applied force makes 30º with the ramp, it's y component is going to contribute to a decrease in friction, and so being Fy=N=sin(30)F, you have:

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    You are given the acceleration up the incline so you can calculate [itex]F_x[/itex]. Set up your force equations for the x and y components of all forces. Knowing the horizontal force will allow you to solve for the magnitude of [itex]F_a[/itex] and you can get [itex]F_a[/itex] from that.
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    Fnet=Fcos(30)-mgsen(20)-μN , with N=mgcos(20)-Fsen(30)
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