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Boyle's flask - really? how? and what if?

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    yes, a perpetual motion question:

    Can Boyle's Flask actually produce perpetual motion? - i have read much debate on the subject. If so what i would like to know is: why can it not be used to generate power?

    now i know the question probably makes me a target for accusations of ignorance, stupidity and other such (last thread i read on the subject of perpetual motion/power production lead to someone being told to get their head out of their rectum and read a physics book)

    my question: why can't the flowing water between the exit tube and the funnel flask not be utilized to turn a small turbine?

    as i understand it, the water flow is caused by the pressure of the water sitting in the flask. So surely as long as their is sufficient fluid in rotation to keep adequate pressure then it will keep flowing.

    The fact that this isn't powering the world means its clearly not that simple: but i can't see a hole in the logic
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