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The Flux Advanced Security Kernel (FLASK) is an operating system security architecture that provides flexible support for security policies. It is a joint venture between the National Security Agency, the University of Utah, and the Secure Computing Corporation project designed to provide a framework for a more secure operating system. Development and implementation started with the Mach microkernel, and has since shifted its focus to the Linux operating system. FLASK is a core framework in security-focused operating systems such as NSA's Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), OpenSolaris FMAC and TrustedBSD. This means that SELinux can be thought of as an implementation of FLASK.

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  1. F

    Learning about Python application deployment - possible recommendations

    Hello, I want to learn about servers and deploying Python applications simply (without going to AWS, Azure, etc. but something a little more complicated than deploying my app to streamlit Cloud). I would like to get some recommendations given the multitude of options. My goal is to create a...
  2. R

    In Python flask I am trying to set up the SMTP for emails in outlook

    I am trying setting up flask email for outlook. I had it working with gmail I found this link https://superuser.com/questions/1521236/how-to-allow-less-secure-app-access-in-microsoft-email I tried MAIL_SERVER= 'smtp.office365.com' MAIL_PORT = 587 MAIL_USE_TLS = True...
  3. R

    I am getting an error Import "_frozen_importlib" could not be resolved

    Here is the error when I run python -m pytest ERROR collecting test session _______________________________________________________________________________ ..\..\..\..\anaconda3\envs\flaskblog2\lib\importlib\__init__.py:126: in import_module return _bootstrap._gcd_import(name[level:]...
  4. R

    I am trying to use alembic in python flask and it is not working

    https://blog.miguelgrinberg.com/post/how-to-add-flask-migrate-to-an-existing-project I am using Visual Studio Code and have a database file already created called test.db. My environment variables for test.db name is SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI and the value is sqlite:///test.db In the actual code...
  5. R

    TemplateSyntaxError in Python Flask

    This is in python flask. I am getting an error line 16, in template <h2> <a href="{{ url_for('userinfo.profile', username=current_user.username, 'update_profile') }}"> update_profile_info </a> </h2> jinja2.exceptions.TemplateSyntaxError: invalid syntax for function call expression The...
  6. P

    A Vacuum Flask Thermodynamic Equation

    Im trying to find an advanced thermodynamic equation for a vacuum flask. I am looking for an equation to find the temperature of a liquid at time t as it cools down. Ignore the cap and bottom section; assume there is no heat loss in those areas. I'm just interested in the cylindrical...
  7. G

    Does anyone know about python flask and wtf forms?....

    from flask import Flask, render_template from forms import RegistrationForm @app.route("/register", methods = ['POST', 'GET']) def register(): forms = RegistrationForm() return render_template('register.html',form=forms) from wtforms import Form, BooleanField, StringField...
  8. Avatrin

    Learning back-end development with Flask

    Hi I want to learn and understand web development, and just knowing what to do is not enough for me; I, to the extent it is possible, want to know how the web works. So, if I develop a web app or website with Flask, I want to know what is going on under the hood (it's just how my head works...
  9. Wrichik Basu

    Weird sound coming from thermos flask

    I had a thermos flask that I had never used since I had bought it. Today, I decided to take it out and use it for storing hot water, so that I don't have to heat water every time I feel thirsty. An interesting incident occurred. I heated water to near about boiling temperature, and filled the...
  10. M

    Question about pressure inside closed flask

    Let's imagine that a flask is initially opened and in contact with the atmosphere. I am thinking that when the flask is closed with a lid, the air density inside will be kept the same as outside. As so, the pressure inside should remain Patm: P = (n/V).RT (n/V constant) However, shouldn't...
  11. T

    Build a Robert Boyle Ever Flowing Flask

    Hello everybody! I am new here and have not looked around much on the forum for an answer to my question, so sorry if this should be obvious to me but: I want to create a model of the Robert Boyle ever flowing flask for my class. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is...
  12. anandzoom

    Thermo flask - wall - air pressure

    In a thermo flask the air between the outer and under wall is sucked out and a vacuum is created. So the air pressure should push the outer wall towards the inner wall and vice versa. But it doesn't happen. Why?
  13. M

    UV Transparent Boiling Flask Search

    Hello! First post here, so hopefully I'm not doing anything wrong. I've hit a dead end with an experiment and could use some additional perspective. I'm in need of material for a 100 mL round boiling flask that has good transparency down to about 140 -180 nm. I originally considered Type 214...
  14. U

    Thermal Flask, heat conduction

    Homework Statement Find an expression for thermal conductivity using kinetic theory. Given a vacuum flask of these dimensions, find the heat loss per unit time. Estimate the time taken for the water to cool down to 40 deg. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution...
  15. S

    Russian made flask - who made it?

    I have a well made stainless steel hip flask I just bought. Supposedly russian made with a Stalin emblem on the side. My problem is it's stamped on the bottom with the hammer and sickle and the word RUSSIA. If it was really russian would it have the word RUSSIA on the bottom instead of cyrillic...
  16. E

    Dewar Flask: Clinging Noise Inside?

    I have an old dewar flask i found on clean up day, i was wondering, when i shake it, i hear a strange clinging noise inside, what could it be? (its the type used for bio samples)
  17. D

    Boyle's flask - really? how? and what if?

    yes, a perpetual motion question: Can Boyle's Flask actually produce perpetual motion? - i have read much debate on the subject. If so what i would like to know is: why can it not be used to generate power? now i know the question probably makes me a target for accusations of ignorance...
  18. S

    Evaporation of a mostly sealed erlenmeyer flask

    I am trying to determine whether the evaporation rate of a 3L erlenmeyer flask would be negligible given the following circumstances. The flask would have a rubber stopper in it, with a hole approximately 1mm in radius greater than the steel drip line feeding into it (leaving an open ring that...
  19. S

    Connecting a glass dewar flask to a vacuum system

    I'm wondering how a glass dewar flask connects to a vacuum system, i.e. how is it vacuum sealed? Once it is sealed, I see how you can use appropriate flanges to pump out the, say, He gas, but how is a glask flask connected to this vacuum system? Thanks.
  20. A

    Thermodynamics question. In Dewar flask liquid nitrogen.

    Homework Statement The problem is that we need to calculate, how much time it takes for nitrogen to evaporate. Given data: dewar flask is in a room, where is T= 293K temperature; In such flask m=0,2 kg of Hydrogen would evaporate in t= 3600s. Also there is given boiling point temperatures for...
  21. T

    Lab Preparation Using a solid, DI water, a balance, and a flask

    Homework Statement Describe how you would prepare exactly 250 mL of .180 M K2S2O8 solution for use. Assume that you have a supply of solid K2S2O8, deionized water, a balance, and a volumetric flask. Also, how many grams of K2S2O8 would you need? Homework Equations The Attempt at a...
  22. B

    Exploring the Effects of Raising Air Pressure in a Flask

    Hi! I'm a biologist so be easy on me:) Say I had a one liter glass flask filled with air and I had a 100 psi air compressor attached to it. (I don't want to suck air out but blow more inside!) How would the air in this flask react - according to the law of ideal gas the temperature of the air...
  23. R

    Why does the water level in a glass flask first decrease and then increase?

    itxx change lykk why water in glass flask first decrease then increase?replyy
  24. C

    Why should a distilling flask not be more than half filled?

    Hey,i have some lab report questions that i need to be checked. I've submitted my report & the prof corrected it but the hard copy with the corrections remained with my partner. Now, my exam is on Monday n I am left with the uncorrected soft copy. 1. Why dosent all the liquid vaporize at once...
  25. C

    Question involving Gas Laws: A 6.0L flask

    A 6.0L flask contains a mixture of methane, argon, and helium at 45C and 1.75atm. If the mole fractions of helium and Argon are 0.25 and 0.35, respectively, how many molecules of methane are present? V = 6.0L T=318.15K Ptotal=1.75atm mole fraction: XHe=0.25 XAr=0.35 XCH4=0.40...
  26. Q

    Why Does Heating a Flask Change Its Weight?

    If you heat up a glass flask why will the weight of the flask decrease slightly? The lab we're doing deals with the ideal gas law, so maybe it has to do with the mass being inversely proportional to the temperature? Or is there another reason? Also, what would happen if you heat up a flask...
  27. G

    Where Can I Find a Quality Dewar Flask for Under $400?

    I wasn't quite sure which category this fit into, and if it's not this one, I'm sorry. A couple of friends and I are great friends with our physics teacher. He is a great guy. He likes to use LN2 alot, but to rent a dewar flask is fairly expensive he says and they're not always available...
  28. F

    Consider a stoppered flask containing benzene, iodine, and air

    1. Consider a stoppered flask containing benzene, iodine, and air, which has reached equilibrium at 298K. Which one of the following statements converning the system at equilibrium is true? a) The pressure of the vapour phase is not constant b) Evaporation of the liquid continues. c) The...
  29. C

    Thermal Dynamics- heating gas in a flask.

    Homework Statement A flask with a volume of 2.70 L, provided with a stopcock, contains ethane gas (C_2 H_6) at a temperature of 297 K and atmospheric pressure 1.01×10^5 Pa. The molar mass of ethane is 30.1 g/mol. The system is warmed to a temperature of 396 K, with the stopcock open to the...
  30. O

    Problem with round bottomed flask

    urgent problem with round bottomed flask i have just done an organic experiment on the synthsesis of propanone. when i was dismantling the distillation instruments, the round bottomed flask on the isomantle was stuck, maybe because of a small spilage of the original acidified dichromate...
  31. W

    Calculating Ethane Pressure and Mass in a Flask

    Hey - I'm doing this question (see below) but I don't hav a clue where to start! A flask with a volume of V, provided with a stopcock, contains ethane gas at a temperature of T_0 and atmospheric pressure p_0. The molar mass of ethane is M. The system is warmed to a temperature of T, with the...
  32. J

    Explaining How Air Weighs in an Evacuated Flask

    Hi guys, i was hoping to get an explanation for something that is bugging me. QUESTION - An evacuated flask weighs 350g and with air present it weighs 356.3g ... now i understand that the weight will increase due to the fact that air weighs something, but the part that confuses me is if we...
  33. K

    What is the mysterious gas in the sealed flask of mercury?

    My chemistry class has a beaker with liquid mercury in a sealed beaker with a some purple/blue crystals in it. It also looks as if there is some sort of gas in the beaker. There is no way to run electricity through the beaker. Does anyone know what this is or what it is used for?