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Medical BPA free plastic also not safe?

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    A relative gave me a new bottle that is free of BPA.. but researching I found out it is a Eastman Tritan which the following articles claim still contain estrogenic chemicals.. I'm still confused by the following articles:


    So does Eastman Tritan copolyester have bisphenol S (BPS)? If not.. what is the estrogenic chemicals present?

    What bottles or plastic do you use?

    Maybe the safest thing to use in gym is water jug made of glass?
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    I'd be a lot more worried about the risk of cutting an artery or tendon from broken glass than I would about chemical exposure from plastics.
    But if I wanted to avoid plastics, I'd go with stainless steel.
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    I don't use any disposable plastic bottles, except for ( refundable ) pop at times, and very rarely the refillable type.
    I am not too worried about myself since more "chemicals" I do acquire through life won't preserve me much more than the ones I already have.:))
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    Aluminum bottles are more common.
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    Good chance one chemical used in the process is triphenyl phosphate.

    I think this is the study that Eastman sued Certichem over as to details of a study. You can make of it as you will.
    Eastman won the suit by jury.
    Note that some of the tests defined in the study, may or may not be something you do to your bottle.

    Reason I referenced that article is that while there are such a thing as EA chemicals, defining the harm to humans ( and the environment ) is not at all that easy to determine.

    As NTL2009 stated, sometimes there is risk assessment to be taken into account.
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