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Break down nitrous oxide by automotive catalytic converter?

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    Can nitrous oxide be broken down for use as an oxidizer by passing through a matrix type automotive catalytic converter? If so, will the matrix need to be heated? Also, will the process create enough heat to combust gasoline, ethanol, kerosene, or LPG? I want to fabricate a "stand alone" turbocharger for drag racing that does NOT use the engine exhaust. Similar to the 1960's Turbonique supercharger, but safer. Thanks, and Happy Motoring!
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    jack action

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    Why would you need to break it down? Nitrous IS an oxidizer:
    You mix nitrous with fuel with the proper fuel ratio, ignite the mix and there you go. More info on http://www.daytona-sensors.com/tech_nitrous.html [Broken]
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