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Engineering BS in Chemical Engineering, MS in EE

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    Does it make sense to pursue a BS in Chemical Engineering, and then go into graduate school for a MS or PhD in EE? Or does that pathway make little sense.
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    Well what is your goal? Why would you purposely aim to study something for 4 years then change field completely for post-graduate? You would also be very limited in the EE things you could study at post-graduate being a chemical engineer.
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    I think if you studied a lot of electro chemistry you could probably do a lot of work involving fuel cell design for autos. By the way, I am a CHBE major at Georgia Tech, which I totally recommend as a major.
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    Pathway to where exactly?
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    I believe that he is referring to the pathway to his graduate school.
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    I'll be frank with you; if you want to be an EE then do EE in your undergraduate years. Now if you want more options, and you're not sure yet, I would say chemical engineering. Chemical Engineers can go into chemical engineering, bioengineering, biomolecular engineering, electrical engineering (might want to take a couple EE courses just to get the feel), Environmental engineering, engineering management, engineering planning, yadda yadda yadda. It would also be a lot easier to fill out your premed requirements than electrical engineering.

    Look, I'm a damn hypocrite for saying this, but let's say you had a billion dollars. What would you want to do on a daily basis? Would you want to play golf every day? Would you want to sit around and watch tv everyday? Would you want to be engineering or seeing your patients? Whatever it is, take the classes that push you in that direction. If you don't know yet, like myself, I'd stick with engineering (that degree will open up a lot of options after school) and take your premed requirements just in case you want to go to med school.

    haha sorry for parenting, I'm still a college student XD
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