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Electronic Engineering vs Chemical Engineering

  1. Chemical Engineering

  2. Electronic Engineering

  1. Dec 31, 2014 #1
    Right now I have a choice between these two disciplines, Chemical or Electronic engineering. Which one would remain suitable for me?
    My friends advice me to get into Chemical Engineering since they say its in a huge demand right now, however I am more inclined towards Electronic Engineering, and they say its not in demand and many graduates of EE are jobless (according to them).
    Keep in mind that I would like to work in designing graphics cards and computer chips (and similar things) since that's what resonates with me the most.

    Is it possible to remain jobless upon graduating with a good GPA (such as 3.5+)?
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    If EE is where your interests lie, why would you consider chemical engineering? Just to get a job? Are you interested in chemical engineering? Getting up every morning to go to a job you only tolerate or dislike is a situation you really want to avoid.

    You need to keep things in perspective. Sure, majoring in chemical engineering might land you a job straight out of college more easily than if you were to major in electronic engineering if what your friends say is true, but is it something you want to stick with for 10, 20, or 40 years? Would you be satisfied with a career in chemical engineering?

    Yes, it's possible to remain jobless even if you graduate with a good GPA. If the jobs aren't there, they aren't there. So the question you need to find the answer to is: will the job I want be there when I graduate?
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    You see I'm very tense right now. I've selected EE and am real worried if I made the wrong choice. But upon consultation with friends and family I think i'll stick with it.
    EE is just more diverse. Maybe I can get in a few CHEM E courses too. HMMM...
  5. Jan 4, 2015 #4
    Do keep in mind that it is the industry sector producing demand, not the major. For example, getting a EE degree and pursuing a job with process controls will nearly guarantee a job. Or PLC logic (custom made control boards) for industrial plants.

    Now, if you eliminated such industries as oil and gas, chemical, power, etc.. completely due to dislike...you may see that unemployment statistic to be true
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