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Programs BSc Chemistry to MSc Chemical Engineering?

  1. Apr 1, 2016 #1
    I was just hoping for a bit of feedback on how realistic of a transition this would be. I'm nearing the end of an honors degree in chemistry and the job prospects look a bit dire. In my area there are lab technician jobs that require the applicant to have a degree, and the pay is less than what I make now, in a crappy job that requires no experience or qualifications.

    Chemical engineer looks very attractive though and it would help me emigrate to another country as it seems to frequently appear on the 'desired experience' lists for placed I'd like to move to one day. Having looked at a few MSc Chemical Engineering courses though, I'm getting mixed information.

    Some say a degree in chemical engineering is required or relevant degree in related discipline, but when I asked them, they said a chemistry degree is no good. Other places have different modules available, some specifically aimed at chemistry graduates.

    To avoid rambling further, I'll get to the point. What I'm wondering is-

    Could universities offering amended programmes for chemistry graduates be offering a watered down MSc that would leave me disadvantaged when applying for jobs in the future?

    Is the transition to chemical engineering a difficult one to make and are there things I could be learning myself that would make things easier? I have a bit of background in physics which might be helpful.

    Thanks very much. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  3. Apr 6, 2016 #2
    It will likely work. Talk to the schools with the MSc programs that interest you.
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